The 9 Best Stock Market Investment Books Of 2020

Stock Market Investment Books of 2020

Starting anything requires research and there is no reliable source like books to begin your research on anything. This is also true if you want to learn about investing or if you wish to gain some more knowledge about it. There are some amazing books for young investors that they can read. These are the top 9 stock market investment books that you need to have to learn everything about it.

The Little Book Of Common Sense Investing

Best Stock Market Investment Books 2020
Best Stock Market Investment Books 2020

John C Bogle has written this amazing book. This book tells you about the uncommon approach in the stock market also known as the lose-lose proposition. It talks about Bogle’s approach to making the best happen from the worst situations in the stock market. It is one of the best Stock market investment books of 2020.

The Intelligent Investor

Amazing Stock Market Investment Books 2020
Amazing Stock Market Investment Books 2020

This Benjamin Graham book is what every investor needs. This book is a sacred book for investors written by a man who has made money for himself and his clients all his life. Also, avoiding risks has been his standpoint and he has done it successfully.

A Random Walk Down Wall Street

This book tells you what to do at different stages while you invest and also tells you how the industry treats the investors. This book includes everything that an investor needs for safe investments.

Irrational Exuberance

The title of this book refers to the trends that drive asset prices without any underlying economic fundamentals. It is one of the greatest stock market investment books of 2020. This book tells you whether your investments are in for the long-term success of not.

One Up On Wall Street

If you are someone who likes winning stocks on your own without waiting for the stock market trends this one is for you. This book tells you that investment opportunities are everywhere you just need to keep your eyes open and look closely.

Common Sense On Mutual Funds

This book emphasizes the importance of index funds in long-term investment planning. With this book, you can make some amazing choices as an investor. You will know about the cost structures and why they are so important in investment. Do get your hands on this one!

Market Wizards

Knowing how people got where they are is a great way to pave your own path in the world of investment. It gives you an insight into the minds of some of the greatest investors and their success stories. So, get this one for some much-needed inspiration!

Stock Investing For Dummies

Basics knowledge is essential when you are beginning to invest money. So, read this one to know everything beforehand so that you do not falter anywhere.

The Bogleheads’ Guide To Investing

This book tells you various aspects of the financial lifestyle and highlights the needs of a diversified portfolio. Bogle has been an absolute legend in the world of investing and this is also a great work for you to read.


Read these nine best stock market investment books 2020 and you will learn more about investment from the comfort of your home. These books are a great way to deal with investments and ensure they are profitable for you.

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