How Much Is Your Minimum Investment For Starting a Home Based Business

Creative Planning Minimum Investment

How much do you know about your business? It may not be an easy question to answer. Most of the time you don’t have a clue. But I have a few ideas. First, if you are going to have success your business needs a lot of time and attention. You need to spend more time creating new products, thinking of new ideas, testing new markets, networking more…

Second, you have to be willing to invest some money. I’m not talking about investing in the material form but in time. Time is money. Without time you will soon become a dinosaur in your business.

With both of these points taken into account, what do you think now? Do you still believe that creative planning is too expensive? Are you still reluctant to invest in your business? Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal. We have all made that decision at one time or another.

My Experience

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I used to be the same way. I had a small business with only my wife and I. I was convinced I could do it without investing anything. I even had dreams of leaving my day job and just working from home on my own computer. But after I failed miserably at a couple of businesses I realized that I would have to sacrifice some of my happiness to be successful at my business.

When I read “How to Be Creative and Make Smart Financial Decisions” by Jack Collins, I decided to give creative planning another try. I wanted to avoid the minimum investment trap again. So I created a plan that would allow me to make smarter choices and invest a significantly lower percentage of my profits in order to grow my business.

Invest Better

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The plan was simple. I would need to make sure I had a good idea for a new product, but I wouldn’t have to invest in advertising, distribution, or getting ready for a physical store. I would simply invest a little bit of my time. And that would be enough to grow my business quickly.

Of course this wasn’t easy. I struggled through months of trial and error before I finally had a plan that resulted in profits. And then I had to figure out how to turn those profits into enough money to pay for my entire life! But I think I did a pretty good job of it because I was able to eventually quit my job and devote all of my attention to my business.

Maintain Budget

Don’t let your creative planning get you to invest an excessive amount of money. It’s easy to do that if you’re planning on quitting your job soon. It’s much easier to start your business and make it profitable right away. But if you’re willing to wait until you’re more experienced and have more knowledge about your product, creative planning can actually give you a higher return on investment than minimum investment ever could.

Before you begin investing and planning, make sure you have the resources to deal with any problems or hurdles that might come up along the way. Do you have the right skills and knowledge to handle your own sales, distribution, and payment processing? Is someone in your company skilled in marketing strategies and software? Are you familiar with effective ways to track your progress and determine what’s working and what’s not? If you don’t know most of the answers to these questions yet, do yourself a favor and learn as much as you can today.

Make A Final Plan

Once you have the answers to some of these questions, put together a plan. Don’t worry about it being perfect. A business plan is simply a way to lay out exactly how you plan to operate your business.

Don’t stop there. As you develop and tweak your plan, be sure to include new features and new goals. This can help you expand your business in a variety of ways. Use this time to really figure out what works for your business, your customers, and your personal interests.


When you’re ready to start investing, plan for profit at the very beginning. Take your time. Don’t make hasty decisions. Creative planning helps people make smart decisions in the face of uncertainty. Don’t expect to earn thousands upon thousands of dollars right off the bat, but don’t be afraid to make more than that if you can. Planning for the future provides a foundation for future success; don’t skimp on this part of the process.

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