Food Commercials Fooled Us Once With Their Advertisements

Food Commercials Fooled Us Once With Their Advertisements

It is tempting to eat the food that we see in food commercials, such as televisions, billboards, and tarpaulins. No matter what we do, we tend to crave and make your mouth water a lot! There are times that our stomachs overrule our heads. However, many people say that we should not believe those because it can be deceiving in person. Remember that photography or videography is an art, and there are plenty of tricks that can be used to enhance the appearance of the use of technology. 

The Creamiest Milk

Have you tried putting a bowl of cereals without leaving a mess? That is because we don’t eat a glue-filled tub. Yeah, you heard it correctly. Meat photographers want to see to it that they show off the food in all its glory. Others tend to cover the bowl in plastic and add it in a combination of glue and water to keep it afloat. At the same time, some make a coating of jello covering the bowl’s bottom before applying a sheet of glue over the surface and keeping the cereal in place.

Food Commercials Fooled Us Once With Their Advertisements
Food Commercials Fooled Us Once With Their Advertisements

Delicious Maple Syrup

Have you watched a delicious morning breakfast TV commercial with pancakes? The syrup might not look so good, but do you know it’s motor oil? There’s a fair explanation, however, why many opt for oil. The pancakes will absorb syrup too easily, leaving a mess instead of a deliciously-looking treat. What’s more, some pancakes do get sprayed with a guard to help keep the motor oil looking new and lasts longer.

The Cheesiest Cheese

Stacking a perfect burger for a food commercial can be daunting. Most fast-food restaurants will prepare this in no time, but to make these mouth-watering burgers for advertisements requires a lot of extra care and focus. Photographers could have been blowtorched the slice of cheese to make it look like it’s melting at the side of the burger, rather than waiting for it to melt.

Soda Fizz

Wonder why the bubble las longer, which could have disappeared in just a minute? Food photographers do some tricks to make those bubbles last. Food photographers are doing some tricks to break those bubbles. After opening a bottle of soda, some people use antacids. Others add it to the beverage itself, however. Place an antacid or two in the bottle to fizz it up again. When it’s not enough, a lot of drinks aren’t as they first look. Most experts agree that they use carbonated water, coloring dyes, or soy sauce to make it look genuine.

Thick Ice Cream

It is summer, and ice cream commercials can be seen everywhere. Stores call us to get an ice cream tub for ourselves. Ours look so different from the one advertised. It might not be real ice cream at all. It has different ingredients that are not commonly used in ice cream production.

Food Commercials Fooled Us Once With Their Advertisements
Food Commercials Fooled Us Once With Their Advertisements

Whip It!

Would you believe it if photographers use shaving creams as an alternative for whipped cream on your cake or frappes? It is typically much thicker. That means people can make beautiful swirls and elaborate patterns without the fear of running the cream. As everybody moves to land on a great photoshoot, the studio will easily get sweaty. Humid and whipped cream? It is a complete disaster! Fortunately, shaving foam is doing the trick under the spotlight. It might only take a few reminders to note that this is not a true desert.

Hold It!

Wondering how that mouth-watering burger was assembled before facing the camera? Most of us opened the take-out bag and wondered what happened in the pantry back there that brought us a complete mess. Why is that salad still fresh and crisp? They don’t go down the burger all the way. Instead, photographers take small pieces of the ingredients and use a toothpick or barbecue stick to skew them through the burger.

Juicy Burger Patties

Have you seen those juicy burger patties? Certain photographers prefer adding vegetable oil to the dish. On the other side of the camera, it’s still undetected, so it lets the burger capture all the lights during photography. One way to make meat more appealing is to undercook the beef. Often people only cook half the burger or brown the outside while leaving the center a little raw, so the natural juices flow outwards.

No-Melt Ice Cubes

Food Commercials Fooled Us Once With Their Advertisements
Food Commercials Fooled Us Once With Their Advertisements

Studios might be a little hotter when there’s a lot of people moving inside. They tend to photograph various foodstuffs, and ice is no exception to this. Do you know that there are plastic alternatives that just look like the real thing? Even, it will avoid disaster. Even you can buy artificial splashes to make it look like it was dropped in mud.

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