Discover a New Way To Take Notes Using This Amazing Notebook That Comes With An Erasable Pen!

If you are bored of carrying multiple notebooks all the time, then you may want to consider buying a solid color multi-purpose notebook. It comes with an additional erasable pen. It is versatile and you can use it whether you are off to school or heading towards your office. Besides, it can be your great travel companion on your journey if you want to record something on the go. So, these reusable notebooks are a smart option that you might want to explore.

Solid Color Multi-Purpose Notebook With Erasable Pen

This solid color multi-purpose notebook can offer you a wonderful writing experience. When you are done writing, you can scan your notes and sync them on Google drive, dropbox and email. The product comes with an erasable pen but any erasable pen can work on this notebook. This product can prove worthy for students, designers as well as managers. They are also environment-friendly and reusable and it says that each page can be used almost 500 times. Buy your Solid Color Multi-Purpose Notebook With Erasable Pen and start writing everything you feel.


  • product size: 25 x 18 cm (B5), 21 x 14cm(A5)
  • package includes: 
  • 1 smart reusable notebook
  • 1 frixion pen
  • 1 cloth
  • Material: stone paper
  • length: A5 is 21.5cm, B5 is 25.5cm
  • Package: Yes
  • Width: A5 is 14.6cm, B5 is 18.1cm
  • Pressure Levels: handwriting
  • Colors: Black
  • Size: A5,B5
  • Pages color: white
  • Quality: AAA+
  • Support: Dropshipping and Wholesale


  • The best thing about this solid color multi-purpose notebook is that you won’t have to deal with any wasted sheets. You can erase your writing mistakes. 
  • It can help you save money as each page can be reused and erased, so consider it as a one-time investment. 
  • It comes with an erasable pen which means you can easily wipe out the ink with a wet tissue. The pen also dried off completely and bonds to the page in 15 seconds.
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  • One of its drawbacks is that you can only use the erasable pen on this notebook, other pens cannot disappear magically. 
  • Also, if you happen to leave your notes in the sun or a hot place, you may lose all your notes which is not an ideal situation. You can keep it in an intensely cold place to recover your notes, but then you may have all your old notes back as well. 


They look like any other ring-bound traditional notebook, but these reusable notebooks are much more than that. Besides, they are great for all ages, particularly children who are not as careful as adults. Not everybody gets an opportunity to write however they feel and even if it is a personal notebook, there is always a hesitation about writing exactly about how they feel. They just don’t want to record certain things but still write it away to let it go and to do the same, we have this erasable pen.

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