Betterment: An Online Investment Portal

Betterment: An Online Investment Portal

When you are into a business line, with the money you save, basically comes through the right investment. Many people confuse everything while investing money and choosing the right fund for it. Among them, a few people seek help from professional business investment dealers who guide them through it. However, it will be costly for you and might be out of your budget. Here comes the role of betterment, which helps to select the area of investment, your tolerance on risk, and ultimate goals.

Betterment: An Online Investment Portal
Betterment: An Online Investment Portal

What Is Betterment?

The worlds first Robo advisor on investment is betterment. It is an automated investment platform and perfect for the amateurs to get proper guidance through the entire process. According to the records of 2018, it has around thirteen billion dollars in its assets of management.

You can use betterment as a guide for the investments. It will process the entire investment online by running algorithms through your profile. It calculates everything as per your goals and investment interests.

Betterment: An Online Investment Portal
Betterment: An Online Investment Portal

Betterment: Features And Advantages

There are a lot of features with the online investment portal. The following are listed below.


If you are worried about account protection, then this platform is best for you. It has security coverage under the Security Investors Protection Corporation. It helps you to secure money up to five hundred thousand dollars to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Therefore, it protects the money in case of any broker failure.

Betterment: Services

The customer services that Betterment services provide is great. You can live chat with them or call them in the weekdays from 9 am to 8 pm as per the eastern time while on the weekends from 11 am to 6 pm. However, the email services are available 24/7.

Mobile Application

Betterment also has its mobile application. The application is developed for two different platforms, both iOS and Android users.

Set Goals

The application of betterment allows you to set goals. It is a fantastic feature for the ones who have a long term future planning like after retirement, savings for education, etc. You can also set a portfolio which will help the application to run it through an algorithm which will help the app to set a better investment plan.

Retirement Plans

Betterment has its planning platform for retired users. If you are going to retire soon or retired already, then this application will help you to choose the best investment plans as per your monthly expenses and goals. The essential requirement guide can change as per the daily expenditure and retirement goals. You can also change the predicted retirement amount as er your calculations.

Best Advisor

Many people do not seem to believe in online business portals or business. They hire professional guidance for their investments. These professionals take a considerable amount from their clients. Betterment saves you the money and shows a variety of options and security for your account.


If you are looking for the best and perfect investment platform, then betterment is the only viable option. It is best for first-time investors, as you will have a decent idea of when and how to invest.

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