Best Ways To Invest Money: Top 4 Options

Best Ways to Invest Money: Top 4 Options

People always invest with the thought of  sky-high returns. There’s no denying this fact. But, the risk of loss  always  lurks  behind with  every phase of investment. Obviously, it’s  outright frustrating to see your hard earned money getting lost for no reason. But, no gain comes without the risk being incurred. So, if you are planning to get your money doubled within a year or so,  you must stick to the  best ways to  invest money  that are tried and tested.  However, it is a fact that no risk investment is practically a myth. In reality, risk and returns go hand  in hand and you just cannot avert the risks when  you are going for investments.

So, here’s we are talking about the  10 best ways to invest money that are going to reap high returns in spite of running risks.

Best Ways To Invest Money: Top 4 Options
Best Ways To Invest Money: Top 4 Options

1. Direct Equity

Investing in the stocks might not appear as a  viable option, considering its high risk volatility, you can otherwise opt for direct equity plans. The best part of direct equity is that they are capable of providing you best kind of returns if you  stick to the markets. The only risk is that you might lose a  considerable portion of capital if you decide to stop midway. However, you can diversify the  investment  in different equity schemes, so as to lower the risk and  stay buoyant even if any of the scheme falls short of providing you capital gains.

2. Debt Mutual Funds

This is for the ones who are not ready to risk more yet looking for steady returns. They are less volatile and, obviously runs way lesser risk compared to equity funds. Debt mutual funds primarily invest in fixed-interest that involves securities mainly in the form of  government securities, corporate bonds, commercial paper, treasury bills, and other money market instruments. Currently, the investor can expect 6 to 7.5 percent of interest rates on maturity.  

3.  Dividend Paying Stocks Or ETFs

Target the stocks or mutual funds that comes with  nice dividend payouts. This is the easiest ways to fetch more money from the market in the shortest possible time. If two stocks perform exactly the same over a given period of time, but one has no dividend and the other pays out 3% per year in dividends, then the latter stock would be a better choice. While choosing stocks is definitely not an easy job, you can always use the trading tools to check out which one  performs  better in the long run and in  terms of  dividend payout.

4. High- Interest Savings Account

This is one of the  best ways to invest money as it offers risk-free way to earn lumpsum dividend on your money. For the industry experts, this is a high yield savings account.  Investing is such an account will comes with a normal interest rate which is primarily aimed for just for keeping your money on deposit.

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the options available to you and find out the best ways to invest money.

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