An Endlessly Reusable Notebook to Lasts for Years That Are Made Synthetic Materials and Experience

Regardless of whether they’re insights, organizations, portrayals, or simply regular notes, we confide in note pads to keep our contemplations and revelations in a single spot. Here is the Multipurpose notebook which comes with an erasable pen, that makes your work easy and more refined. It is an absolute for the ones who may have the habit of scribbling as they can erase it all and present fair and neat work on the sheets.

About the Multipurpose notebook with an erasable pen

This multipurpose note pad is erasable and reusable utilizing a wet fabric or tissue with the goal that you can compose, delete, and afterward compose again on it setting aside paper and cash spent on journals. 60 erasable, reusable, waterproof, tear-safe pages are accommodated productive note-taking. Using time effectively and 4X Productivity improvement centered on exceptional licensed page configuration to assist you with accomplishing objectives and live more joyfully than at any other time. This notebook is available in black color with spiral binding.


Pros of the multipurpose notebook with an erasable pen:

  • It is a reusable ‘smart notebook’ 
  • You don’t need to stress over committing composing errors with the erasable pen that accompanies this group 
  • You can undoubtedly erase the works on the notebook either by material or by warming it with a dryer 
  • The scratchpad comes in B5 size 
  • It can likewise be utilized as a journal organizer 
  • It holds the exceptional component of a ‘microwave notebook’ 
  • It has wire-bound twisting notes 
  • It very well may be utilized as a business travel diary 
  • It comes in animation flawless style 
  • It has 30 sheets, which makes 60 pages altogether 
  • It has tweaked printed sheets 
  • It fills the need for a school fixed notebook
  • It is handy and easy to carry around when you travel.

Cons of this notebook:

As such, there are no cons of this multipurpose notebook as it was specially crafted to solve all the problems that people face while using any ordinary notebook. The only drawback that can be seen is that it is available in a single color, that is black that leaves a limited choice in opting.


This is an amazing writing tool for those who like to record daily journals, create stories and bring fictionalized worlds to life with their words. It also provides the additional feature of erasing any mistakes that are made while writing which makes it a definite ‘have on’ on your shelf as it does not only keep a record but also makes a memory of every little journey that you took or any new and out of the world creation that you invented.

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