Agreement Between US SEC And Fidelity Bitcoin Investment Trust Can Bring Some Changes To Digital Currency

fidelity bitcoin investment trust

In this modern era, you can see there are various changes in technology, and you can find many new things coming up. You can now find a massive change in the mode of payment, people are drifting towards digital currencies like Bitcoin, and it is different from your traditional form of payment. Bitcoin is one of the biggest and first assets growing so rapidly in the category of cryptocurrency. Today not just bitcoin, but there are many other digital currencies across the globe. Recently, the fidelity bitcoin investment trust signed an agreement with the US SEC to launch a fund focused on bitcoin.

The Objective Of The Fidelity Bitcoin Investment Fund

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After having an agreement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, as currently there are no investors for the fund, but now Peter Jubber, the Director of digital funds and president of Fidelity, will run those funds. These funds will be open to various investors who want to make an investment of $ 100,000. In order to make investment more smooth and regulate other authorities, different other investors will also get an option to invest like individuals, banks, and even insurance companies. It can help the investors to increase their investment and the value of the digital currency as in the future it will be the international currency.

Survey Performed By The Fidelity Bitcoin Investment Fund


To understand things more clearly, the fidelity bitcoin investment fund has surveyed over 800 US and European institutional investors. They found that more than 36% of the investors have already invested in digital assets like bitcoin and others. Many investors believe that they are planning to have digital assets in their portfolio. Many people find it appealing while investing in those assets. As this bitcoin investment is away from all the government interventions.

Chances Of Fraud And Manipulation Will Increase

While surveyed by the Fidelity bitcoin investment fund, a number of respondents find the digital currency as a mode of manipulation. The South Korean police have just discovered that one of the third biggest crypto currencies was the number of frauds happening, and people have to lose so much of their money due to this market manipulation, and fake trades were happening. Also, by the US Department of Justice, it was found that three online funding campaigns were using these digital currencies to find some of the terrorist organizations or activities. These all were happening through more than 300 crypto accounts, four websites, and a series of social media accounts.

Several people all across the world are working and investing their money in these digital assets. On the other hand, various people are getting cheated by the name of digital currency. The Fidelity bitcoin investment fund’s trusts are working towards making a more regulated process and keeping it a safe platform for the investors to invest their money and feel safe about it. Not bitcoin but also various digital currencies which are in the race. Although the risk is high, you can surely put your money into it if you are looking to take that risk.

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