23 Investing Terms You Should Know

23 Investing Terms You Should Know

Investing terms tend to appear so clumsy and questionable for the new investors. So many words and concepts are involved in the investing markets. Here are the leading 23 investing terms you should know to set the standards high. 

23 Investing Terms You Should Know
23 Investing Terms You Should Know

Important Investing Terms Of The Investing Market:

Specific Investing terms are used in the investing Market. They are as follows.

  1. Bear Market – Bear Market is a market wherein prices of the acquired shares fall below a certain percentage from higher levels over some time.
  2. Bond – Bonds are usually a form of agreement agreed by the two parties based on mutual understanding. Relationships are typically made with specific terms and conditions.
  3. Brokerage – Brokerage firms generally set the brokers as mediators for the sellers and buyers to have the goods sold and bought.
  4. Bull Market – A market in which prices of the shares are increasing to a higher level for a specific time frame.

Profits And Shares In The Investing Markets:

Investing in terms related to benefits and shares are as follows.

  1. Capital Gains – If you buy a property with a moderate price and sell it with an increasing rate, it is said to have attained capital gains as you have gotten more money after the capital.
  2. Dividends – Profits for the shareholders is termed as a dividend.
  3. Dow Jones – It is a stock market that monitors the growth of 30 large companies in the USA.

Exchange Values In The Investing Market:

The terms related to the exchange process are as follows.

  1. Exchange – Place where goods can be sold and bought.
  2. ETF – Exchange Traded Funds is one of the categories of investment funds.
  3. Hedge Fund – Money is taken from the outside source and put in use with managerial decisions. 
  4. Index Fund – It passively comes under the mutual fund.
  5. IRA – Individual Retirement Account is ones’ tax advantageous account.
23 Investing Terms You Should Know
23 Investing Terms You Should Know

Marketing Terms In Investing:

      Investing Terms related to marketing skills are as follows.

  1. Money Market – A market in which account holders will be charged higher interest rates for the savings account when compared to traditional banks.
  2. Mutual Fund – Individual stocking or bonding is available with needed securities and active managerial skills.
  3. NASDAQ – It is a US altercation for securities in buying and selling of goods. 
  4. NYSE – NYSE stands for New York Stock Exchange for selling and buying goods.
  5. Personal Investment Strategy – Setting your plans and strategies to market your product to sell or buy with reputed desired profit.

Sinking Investing Terms:

Certain sinking funds are deposited in the investment. Those Investing Terms are as follows.

  1. Recession – Negative impact on the economic growth of the company in the respective quarters of the year is said to be a recession.
  2. S&P 500 – Standard and Poor’s 500 trails progress of the top 500 companies in the USA. 
  3. Stock – Stock is generally the accrued owning of a company. 
  4. Taxable Accounts – Accounts susceptible for paying tax is said to be payable accounts.
  5. Tax-Advantaged Accounts – Types of investments exempted from paying taxes to the government. Such accounts are said to be tax-advantaged accounts.
  6. Book Value – Book value is generally calculated by its original cost, excluding depreciation.


The above-mentioned investing terms you should know because it is essential and mandatory to be known for Investors in any investing market.

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